The New Cover

I do apologize for my silence lately; I’ve been head-down and working on The Lost Concerto.  Something about writing a suspense novel…they refuse to wait quietly in the corner while you have other things to do.  They nag at you and take over your mind and give you no peace unless you are actively putting words on the page.

It can be maddening, but it does tend to get the book done.  My fantasy stories take much longer, overall, than my suspense work.

Today I wanted to drop in to announce something that’s been needed for a long time–Crystal Cave has a new cover!

I’ve never really been happy with the original cover.  I think at the time I just didn’t know how to do any better.  The original cover is a charming combination of brown and orange, and depicts rocks.

Doesn’t really give you much of an idea what the story is about at all, except that it must involve a cave, which we already knew from the title.  You can see it above, in thumbnail form.

Unveiling for go live officially today, Crystal Cave’s new cover:

I hope you agree that it’s a beautiful improvement!

3 responses to “The New Cover

  1. This is looking pretty epic. Much improved compared to the other cover!

  2. Thank you both for the feedback! I’m excited about the new cover, and it’ll be interesting to see if it has any effect on sales.

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