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A New Day Dawning (Possibly?)

So I was recently messing around with my website and I discovered that my current blog at Bravejournal throws pop-ups.    My browser suppresses them automatically, so I never realized they were there.

I despise pop-up windows.  The ads are bad enough, but at least those are tolerable (although I noticed they have one now that talks–I hate that too!)  The pop-ups, though, were enough to finally send me searching for a new blog.

I have hesitated on that for a long time.  I hated the idea of leaving all the old content behind, and I worried that I would not be able to set it up to my liking.  But in my frustration at the pop-up windows, I decided I could always keep a link to the old blog.  The useful posts that are in there could always be reposted, as well.

You can visit the old blog for comparison here: http://codemeister1.bravejournal.com

So here we are.  I’ve set up a WordPress blog, I’ve configured it to something I like.  Now it’s up to you, the readers–which blog would you rather visit?  Should I move all new content to this WordPress blog?  Or am I overestimating the irritation of the Bravejournal?

You can let me know your opinion in the comments of either blog, or through email at sandra@sandra-miller.com, or I have set up a new poll on my website at http://pgtc.com/~slmiller/polls.htm

Thanks for visiting, and I can’t wait to talk about writing again!