Concerto for Three

I. Overture

A. Nightmare #1

B. Awakening

C. Intro of house

II. Movement One: The Nightmare Continues

A. Rehearsal

1. Intro of Dwight

a. Explanation of relationship

b. Explanation of Chrispen’s situation

2. Intro of Daniella

3. Intro of Alexis

a. Intro of Darren

b. First mention of Mendelssohn Concerto

c. Set up Bach Double

B. Chrispen falls asleep

1. Further explanation of Dwight

2. Intro of Robin

3. Compare/contrast Dwight/Robin

4. Robin’s end

C. Fax of letter

D. Next morning                       

1. Letters on lawn

2. Chrispen’s departure

E. House of Violins

1. Intro of Madeleine

2. Gift of Mendelssohn

F. Dinnertime

1. Chrispen’s view of Alexis explained

2. Announcement of recital

G. Rehearsal

1.Chrispen’s thanks

2. Dwight’s invitation

Obviously this isn’t the greatest outline ever, and this isn’t the whole thing (this outline goes one for several pages).  But it gives you an idea what I’m suggesting.  This outline showed the things I intended to have happen in each scene, so that I could make sure I hadn’t forgot anything that would be important later.  The Roman Numerals denote chapters, the capital letters denote major scenes.  Of course this isn’t the original outline–that was handwritten.  But take my word, this is what was in it.  (Don’t believe me?  Click here to see a scan of the original handwritten outline.  It’s a rather large image, so give it a moment to download completely)